Bride, groom and family enjoy their wedding at Appleby Castle in Cumbria

Styling Tips – A Castle Wedding

When you have selected a grand castle for your special celebration there can be an immediate styling concept that includes dark reds and gold. It fits with the decor and antiques and shouts luxury and opulence. But what if you don’t want to follow that? What if you want to ensure your personalities are reflected in your wedding styling?

Let us share some top tips on ensuring you don’t dress the event for the venue but you do it for you

1. Investigate – When you look at the venue, are there key colours or textures that stand out. Perhaps the main space is adorned with navy curtains? Maybe the stonework is a beautiful pale grey? Look in detail at the castle and its furniture. Make a note of special elements and perhaps that can be the start of your theme.

2. Minimise – With so much going on in a castle’s decor, remember to keep your additions simple. Your styling should highlight areas not fight with them. Try not to over do it and waste your efforts.

3. Personalise – The overall effect of a castle wedding is jaw dropping. You could do nothing to the space and your guests will be excited! So, you could put your efforts into the personal touches such as notecards for each guest, mini funny quizzes, pots of DIY lego or origami, photo keepsakes…

4. Embrace – If the reason you’ve picked your castle is because the look and finish is beautiful, embrace that style! You can go with the style without overdoing it. Think about the luxury and details. Consider crystal glassware, gilt edged plates, plenty of candlelight, velvet ribbons, satin gowns and English roses. Indulgent small touches can have a massive impact if done well.

5. Capture – To ensure you remember your efforts and the atmosphere, choose a photography and / or videographer that can work with not just the styling but the lighting. Capture the small details as well as the scale. Create a collection of keepsakes that showcase all that effort you put into the decor.

The key to a castle wedding is working with what you have, emphasising the history and story behind such an epic place. It doesn’t have to be stereotypically lavish and OTT, it can be luxurious and atmospheric while representing you and your story.


For more ideas, details and information, reach out to us here at Appleby Castle. We will help as much as possible to ensure your day is the perfect start to your own castle fairytale.